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Where should I send it?

Completely deleted all CoopBoss items devices & SmartApps from SmartThings earlier in the week.
Finally got a chance to go out & reset it again today. It fought a little, but then I found it & added it.
Set the auto-close light level & hit the unknown button to open it.
It opened & updated the status to open.
I then set the auto-open light level & went to set it to auto-open.
It never responded again.
Fiddled with it for another 20 minutes, then disconnected it from all the wires & unmounted it.

I'm guessing that Zigbee module is misbehaving or something.

It happens.

On the latest disconnect less than a day after the reset the freshly added CoopBoss wasn't attached to any of the SmartApps or Virtual CoopBoss yet.  I'll completely uninstall those apps & give it 1 more shot before I worry about sending it off.

I'm a little fuzzy on the details myself as there is a significant random element in there.

I haven't had many problems when controlling the door manually via SmartThings. However the most recent connectivity loss occurred just after reinitialize things when only manual control was being used (no chance to setup Virutal Coopboss or any other smart apps).
The CoopBoss does seem to loose it's connectivity to SmartThings within a few weeks or a month when I try & control it automatically with any of the automation routines (Virtual CoopBoss) in SmartThings.

It seems to work fine in automatic mode.

I never even got a chance to put it into any of the automated routines this last time. Deleted it from SmartThings, reset it, re-added it to SmartThings, Opened & closed it a few times from the app, then set the auto-close thresholds. I then set it to auto-open at a high light value & put my phone away. Next morning it was offline (button still worked as always). I don't think the auto-open settings stuck as it didn't auto-open today & I only see the auto-close set in the app. I just looked & it's not attached to any SmartApps yet either. It kind of feels like ZigBee module is wigging out or something as the rest of the system works fine.

It lost it's connection again a little while ago again. Finally got around to resetting & re-adding it the other day & it lost connection to SmartThings by the next morning. already. Only a couple of commands were issued before it died this go around.

Something it defiantly funky with my unit.

Finally re-enabled the virtual coopboss & scheduled task, will see how it goes. It was working fine manually for a few months.

Whenever SmartThings pushes out an update (I get beta updates) the coop door closes. Happened 2-3 times now. Odd, but not to problematic.

The turkey keeps unplugging things. Rally need to zip tie the wall wart brick to the outlet & dress the cabes better. Mr. turkey is likely becomming turkey burgers sooner than later though,

It's set to auto-close at light level 1 & I am manually opening it when I get up for now. Other than the 2 odd auto-closes my only other issue is leaving the deck light and/or the coop outside light (both on smart switches & tied together) will not let the Coop Boss get dark enough to auto-close. My turn off all lights at midnight routine takes care of that if its an issue though.

I'm sure I have some shielded Ethernet cable around I could use for that. I think I have some direct bury stuff too, which will be UV shielded as well, the current stuff is fading a bit, not that fading is surprising or really problematic at all. Where do you tie the shielding to ground on your installation? Shielded cable generally doesn't work as well as you'd expect unless only 1 end is tied to ground somewhere. I'll have to check the DC power is near the AC lines for a few feet & I think the button is near the AC lines for a foot or 2 as well.

Had a 2nd erroneous close & my wife thought I was just messing with her when she was out playing with the chickens & feeding them. It was later in the evening, but not dark enough it should have tripped the auto close. She might have been standing in front of the sensor a bit & threw a shadow. Not sure how long she was there or how fast the heuristics on your averaging & data validation would have tripped the solar sensor.

No connectivity problems yet though. Tempted to re-enable the automation.

No real news. Still working automatically closing & manually opening in the morning.

It did close in the afternoon once, but it was a Sunday that they released one of the beta updates (I'm a SmartThings beta participant). I'm guessing it was triggered by the update & haven't investigated further as it only happened that once.

The wife just got the coop cats fixed, so we left em trapped in the coop for a few days. That and a brief snow kept me from fiddling with it. Today I deleted it out of SmartThings, went out & reset it, then re-added it back. Works to remotely open & close again. Haven't set anything back up in SmartThings & will try the solar sensor for a bit & see how that goes.

Button works to open & close the door fine. SmartThings isn't updated & using the app to try & open/close does nothing.

I'll Re-add it here in the next few days when I get a chance & try the default light sensor route.

And it looks like the issue might be back. It stopped responding to SmartThings a few days ago. Cycling the power doesn't resurrect it at all though, the button to manually open or close it still works just fine. Whenever I look at the app it just reports the door status as Unknown.

Checking the Zigbee mesh health shows 253 of 255 to the CoopBoss ID, so that appears to be healthy.

Looking at the device logs in SmartThings shows replies (voltage & amperage reports) from the device 6 days ago, even after power cycling it a few times.

CoopBoss H3Vx (Device) Events displayed | all | from device
Date   Source   Type   Name   Value   User   Displayed Text
2017-02-21 8:00:09.101 AM MST
13 hours ago   APP_COMMAND         openDoor      
2017-02-20 11:59:01.992 PM MST
21 hours ago   APP_COMMAND         closeDoor      
2017-02-20 8:00:08.347 AM MST
2 days ago   APP_COMMAND         openDoor      
2017-02-19 11:28:53.749 PM MST
2 days ago   APP_COMMAND         closeDoor      
2017-02-19 9:00:08.160 AM MST
3 days ago   APP_COMMAND         openDoor      
2017-02-18 11:59:01.473 PM MST
3 days ago   APP_COMMAND         closeDoor      
2017-02-18 9:00:07.024 AM MST
4 days ago   APP_COMMAND         openDoor      
2017-02-17 11:59:01.563 PM MST
4 days ago   APP_COMMAND         closeDoor      
2017-02-17 8:00:08.253 AM MST
5 days ago   APP_COMMAND         openDoor      
2017-02-16 11:59:01.453 PM MST
5 days ago   APP_COMMAND         closeDoor      
2017-02-16 8:00:07.811 AM MST
6 days ago   APP_COMMAND         openDoor      
2017-02-15 11:59:01.478 PM MST
6 days ago   APP_COMMAND         closeDoor      
2017-02-15 1:28:51.679 PM MST
6 days ago   DEVICE      doorVoltage   12.296      CoopBoss H3Vx door voltage is 12.296
2017-02-15 1:28:51.347 PM MST
6 days ago   DEVICE      doorCurrent   0.000      CoopBoss H3Vx door current is 0.000
2017-02-15 1:28:51.303 PM MST
6 days ago   DEVICE      doorState   unknown      Door State Changed to unknown
2017-02-15 8:00:07.290 AM MST
7 days ago   APP_COMMAND         openDoor      
2017-02-14 11:59:02.447 PM MST
7 days ago   APP_COMMAND         closeDoor      

CoopBoss support / Re: Feature/app request - lock closed
« on: February 12, 2017, 10:11:18 pm »
Our friends with the dog nicknamed Chicken Killer was here this weekend prompting me to finally work on this as we had to make sure she didn't go outside & I had to kill the open coop routine last night so it wouldn't run this morning.

  • Create a new mode named "Lock Coop"
    Create a virtual switch "Coop Lock"
    Install the SmartApp Lights & Switches > Switch Changes Mode
    Set Switch Changes Mode to enable Lock Coop Mode when the Coop Lock switch is on, set the off mode to something else
    Create/edit your open coop routine. Set it to unlock the virtual coop boss at whatever time you want. Also set the "Don't automatically do this if i'm in one of these modes (Lock Coop).

This should stop your coop from opening if your virtual coop lock switch is turned on. Testing it out here in the morning.

CoopBoss support / Re: Coop door doesn't auto close while testing
« on: February 09, 2017, 03:49:22 pm »
Interesting & good to know.

My assumption it wasn't this smart (along with the fact I didn't want our rooster out & crowing before my alarm went off at 8am or 9 on the weekends) was why I went with a time based opening & closing through he SmartThings.

Thanks. Sensitivity was up at 77, dropped it way down. It takes about 30 seconds for my linear actuator to open/close, so plenty of time for the poultry or cats to move out of the way. Hopefully the lower sensitivity should overcome the frozen chicken poop without needing to worry about force close.

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