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About a week ago my wife's CoopBoss stopped working completely. After about 30 minutes of checking the linear actuator & working  with my multi-meter I determined the dam turkey unplugged the power supply. Not my finest hour as an IT professional. Forgot troubleshooting step 1, always make sure it's plugged in.  Anyway the door & button started working again immediately.

However while the button works, it's no longer communicating with SmartThings. I deleted the device, device definitions & SmartApp definitions, re-added them, then reset the unit. Its showing binary 5 (LED 1 & 3) after the reset which the manual says it's looking to pair. However my SmartThings hub isn't finding it when I tell it to look for new devices.

It all happened roughly the same time as the most recent SmartThings platform update.

Feature suggestion - a notification that SmartThings has lost communication with the CoopBoss after an hour or so.

CoopBoss support / Feature/app request - lock closed
« on: May 28, 2016, 03:25:14 pm »
Our coop opens to our whole backyard. For obvious reasons when our friends bring their dog Tally "Chickenkiller" we don't want the coop to open up.

It would be cool to have a function to lockout the open coop door function. So that nobody can accidentally open the coop or the normal routine (or sensor) doesn't let them out in the morning.

I've fiddled with creating a new status of "lock coop", to prevent my routines from opening, but it's klugey & flaky at best.

CoopBoss support / Duration for open/close?
« on: April 22, 2016, 10:36:12 pm »
I've got a longer actuator on our door & have noticed it not closing all the way recently. The app says its closed, but it didnt hit the last few inches. Its been cold & snowing so i assume the actuator is running a bit slow. There are SmartApps for amperage. Could we get a similar method to configure how long it tries to open/close?

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